Mary Haskett, Author

Writing to Inspire. Speaking to Encourage


Reverend Mother's Daughter

In this gripping account,  shares her dramatic personal story of racial rejection, physical and sexual abuse and war time trauma.

Through it all she is aware of a driving force in her life that ultimately brings her to faith and the happiness Reverend Mother always wanted for her.




 What Others Are Saying About Reverend Mother's Daughter

 "You had me from the first sentence I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Wonderful."

"I'm already half way through the book and find it so interesting; what an incredible life you've had...and so well written"

"Still spell bound by your book...wanted you to know I'm in awe."

"What a touching read, sensitively told, with many evocative moments-and a lovely touch of romance."

"Congratulations Mary, on the amazing journey of your book. It's a well deserved honour. May the Lord bless and encourage people as they read it."

"What an amazing testimony and so well written...I won't be at all surprised if it becomes a best seller."



"Mary Haskett's journey is one that none of us would choose! Her captivating account of it, however, sweeps the reader up in the experience, as her extraordinary ability to portray details engages all the senses. A surprising story, from a life of an abandoned inter-racial child in an English convent, to choices that marked the direction of her adult life, to the encounter with grace that shapes all that follows."  

Ethel Rowntree, Editor, Beyond Ordinary Living Magazine

             "An obvious gifted story-teller, Mary writes this riveting account of her own life with heart-warming honesty, charming humor, and great doses of grace.In all of it-her birth in unusual circumstances, her childhood joys and struggles in war-torn England, her great loves and painful disappointments, and her inspiring walk with her best friend-there is never a dull moment. Mary has given us a great treasure: A beautiful story, beautifully told."

Fay Rowe, Author

 "The story of Mary Haskett's life is a captivating one. Her book is difficult to put down. I found myself there, in wartime, sharing the experiences with the people alongside her. An excellent and truly inspiring book."

Donna Dawson, Author.

 "Mary Haskett tells a story of brokenness--scandal, violation, betrayal--the pain of being human that touches us all. But hers, and ours, is also a story of redemption, of healing. As she recounts her life with candour and prose, Haskett opens a window to the divine and gives us hope."

Margaret Buchanan: Author, Parenting with Purpose

 Excerpts from Reverend Mother's Daughter

The adults talked about the war all the time. One particular piece of news filled me with terror; a German submarine had been caught in the harbor.

And then one Saturday afternoon a few days later, a plane flew low and shot people as they lay sunbathing on the beach. Then, horror-of-horrors the next week as we were playing on the lawn, running after each other in a game of 'butterfly chase,' Mr. Morgan, the warden, jumped up from his deckchair.

"Get inside," he screamed, "Hurry! Hurry!"

I heard the familiar drone of the plane and almost before we started running it was there flying so low I could see the pilot. I grabbed Hazil's hand, we could hear the machine gun fire as we raced screaming up the drive way and into the house...




As I did I stared in disbelief. In one blinding flash I saw Sister St Claire. As if in an instant of time, her familiar rolling gait, like a nightmare, came toward me, her white veil flapping in the night wind.

The road came up to meet me as I crashed at her feet. Scruffy licked my face whining softly as I struggled up. I took his leash from Ann while she lifted the bike...




For a while Mario wouldn't tell me where he worked.

"Tell me," I'd say, as I looked into his blue eyes, but instead he would plant a butterfly kiss on my mouth...