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Reverend Mother's Daughter

  • Winner of the Bronze IPPY Award - 2008 International Literary Competition
  • Finalist in the Life Stories category - The Word Guild of Canada National Award




Because We Prayed

"In this lovely little volume Mary invites the reader into a life prayer, in an engaging, unforced manner. "

- Rev. Peter Black





India My Calling

It’s the end of World War II. The world breathes a collective sigh of relief. Jean Darling, a young Canadian girl and a trained registered nurse, sets out for India.

Her journey is fraught with delays, unsanitary conditions, sickness, bedbugs, and a storm at sea, but nothing can deter her from the mission she knows she must fulfill - to start a nursing school in the Reynolds Memorial Hospital.

The hospital is a former derelict school building with very little equipment and one doctor who visits in the villages with a missionary nurse. With dogged determination Jean sets her mind to the task ahead.

As she remains focused on her mission, she goes to language school to learn Marathi the language of the region and tops the class. She battles bouts of amoebic dysentery, and malaria, and witnesses unbelievable superstitions.

Over the years her God given talents are recognized, she takes a midwifery course and tops her class once again. She teaches post graduate courses, moves into administrative positions in the work of the mission and oversees a boarding school with 250 children.

Her focus and trust in God brings a forty year journey in missions to a triumphant conclusion.


Other Writing Credits  

  • FellowScript Magazine 
  • The Upper Room Magazine
  • Beyond Ordinary Living
  • Everyday Grace, Every Day Miracles
  • Contributed to: Christian Life in London
  • InScribed (Forever Books)
  • Contributor to Under the Cover of Prayer blog