Mary Haskett, Author

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India My Calling




It’s the end of World War 11. The world breathes a collective sigh of relief. Jean Darling, a young Canadian girl and a trained registered nurse, sets out for India.


Her journey is fraught with delays, unsanitary conditions, sickness, bedbugs, and a storm at sea, but nothing can deter her from the mission she knows she must fulfill—to start a nursing school in the Reynolds Memorial Hospital. The hospital is a former derelict school building with very little equipment and one doctor who visits in the villages with a missionary nurse. Jean visualizes a nursing school and with dogged determination sets her mind to achieve this goal.


Political unrest swirls in the country she’s been called to. Gandhi is rallying his countrymen to sever British rule and political gatherings are everywhere.


Jean remains focused on her mission, she goes to language school to learn Marathi, tops the class, battles bouts of amoebic dysentery, and malaria, and witnesses unbelievable superstitions.


Over the years  her God given talents are recognized, she takes a midwifery course and tops her class once again. She teaches post graduate courses, moves into administrative positions in the work of the mission, oversees a boarding school with 250 children. She’s a talent for math and keeps record of income and expenditures sending reports, every three months to head office in Kansas.  


Her focus and trust in God brings a forty year journey in the mission field to a triumphant conclusion.




"The excellent story-telling skill of author Mary Haskett takes us on a charming and challenging journey with real life heroine, medical missionary Jean Darling.

Miss Darling's life of faith and courage will intrigue and entertain almost as much as it will inspire. Haskett's narrative and the 'letters home' written by Miss Darling transport us to another time, another place, where we see the goodness and the love of God manifested in and through the lives of his servants.

India my Calling will be an inspiration to women of any age."

Fay Rowe, Author




"Mary Haskett's latest book will enlighten and delight those who read it.

Mary brings to life the story of Jean Darling, who as a young woman sets out on a two and a half month journey by land and sea, to serve as a missionary to India.

Between a trying beginning and her return to Canada forty years later, Jean's challenges and successes are vividly  portrayed."

Ruth Smith Meyer, Author