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Finding InScribe

Posted on July 28, 2014 at 3:35 PM

Finding InScribe

Excitement is generated when a dream starts to become a reality and the dream is pursued with vigour. My initial venture into the world of writing, and for which I’d always hoped to pursue, began fourteen years ago. Well in truth long before that. I remember a small notepad I had as a child, in it I had written books I will write when I’m grown up, and there followed titles such as, the Smugglers of Anstey’s Cove and the Girls in Dorm Three Four Five, and many more with a similar theme. Life took over and my dream to write sat on the back burner for many years.

The dream surfaced again much later in my life and I determined to follow it this time. Searching online for writers groups I found one. I wrote a couple of introductory enquiring questions in a timid sort of fashion. Did I dare connect? Would they even respond to lowly me? After all they were chatting about their latest publications and achievements. And all I had were short stories and poems tucked in a file. But the urge to write— “to get on with it” was gathering momentum, so I took a deep breath, clicked “send,” and away went my questions.

Amazing; that elite group responded with words of encouragement. Come to our next conference they said. You’ll love it. Of course you’re a writer. If you’re writing stories you’re a writer. The publication will come later. One gal even offered for me to stay at her home. She lived a short distance from the conference site. I took up the offer and two months later with my new friend I traversed the world of writers. I'm so thankful to those who encouraged me all those years ago. Lord bless them!


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